I believe that my talent is God given. I have been believing in God’s healing powers since the time I was healed from vertigo at a young age due to neurons firing too fast. It was stress related, most everything is. I have always gravitated towards prevention of disease and alternative therapies. I went to a neurology chiropractor, she was very good, and what I noticed was that she would recommend massage therapy. I remember feeling so amazing almost symptom free of my dizzy nausea, wobbly, panicky feeling after receiving my first massage treatment; I felt wonderful. I realized right then and there that massage made me feel wonderful, and after feeling so awful before I realized how grateful I am for excellent health and how feeling great is important. A relaxed mind and body is a healthy mind and body.

Massage facilitates the person in feeling better during the healing process and is great for reducing stress, which is excellent for maintaining a healthy person. While attending college and continuing to receive many massages, keeping my stress level down, and feeling wonderful encouraged me to go into something to help people become and stay healthy. Traditional medicine wasn’t quite a fit for me although I respect the persons in that field. None of the studies in alternative medicines were accredited or recognized in Texas, for example: naturopaths, so I received a degree at the University of Houston in Business commerce.

Spending several years in the marketing of wellness, health, beauty, and fashion industry still left me feeling a passion towards helping people stay young and healthy at every age. I took a leap of faith and left a position of managing a wellness retail-products division of a large corporation to go back and pursue my passion in the wellness industry. An opportunity arose for me to study massage and pain-management and received my massage therapy license with much continued education in massage modalities and alternative medicine and continuing my education today.

My clients are enjoying the benefits of my healing body massages and they are receiving pain relief in their bodies, maintaining excellent health, and feeling wonderful. I meditate and pray before I give each massage to make sure I am clear and free of negative emotions before I put my hands to work on another person’s body. I believe God’s healing power flows through my hands during the massage to the other person and their body receives what they need to feel amazing. God is the healer, and my hands are a conduit for their healing massage.


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