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Use of Essential Oils in Aromatherapy Massage in Conroe, TX

Using Essential Oils in combination with your Healing Massage at Healing Haven Massage can give you extra benefits. Essential Oils offer many health and healing benefits by themselves and combined with an Aromatherapy Massage from Lisa Z, you will get the benefits of both. In an Aromatherapy Massage at Healing Haven we use only the highest grade Essential Oils to be mixed with the massage oils and massaged into your skin during your session.

The massage techniques used during an Aromatherapy Massage range from Light to medium pressure all the way up to a Deep Tissue Massage. Lisa Z will help relax you as she works the Essential oils into your skin and help relieve pain that you may be having due to exercise or injury. Come see us at Healing Haven Massage in Conroe, TX and try out our invigorating and unique Aromatherapy Massage.

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