Ayurvedic Massage…

Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient Indian form of healing treatment that has been refined into what it is today over the course of thousands of years. Ayrurvedic Massage is a technique unheard of by many— a long-kept secret of India, but is now available at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness. This treatment uses the knowledge of the body, knowledge of scents and specialty oils, knowledge of music and sound, and knowledge of bodywork-techniques combining them into one specialty massage treatment that embraces all of the senses. Ideally this experience is best taken daily to soothe/relieve the body, mind, and soul from everyday stresses of the world. You will feel joyful, healed, refreshed and renewed.

Before the massage begins the therapist will concentrate his or her energy in a focuses state and possibly recite a prayer, either silently or aloud. The main forms of movement in the massage treatment are: “active” which is strong pressure, “persuasive” which is the kneading or pinching of small muscles with the forefinger and thumb, and also “passive” which is a more delicate stroke. During an Ayurvedic Massage it is believed that a subtle transfer of electromagnetic energy occurs between the massage therapist and client, that is, if the client feels safe and is open and receptive to this massage treatment. It is important to allow it to happen and receive the healing effects. The therapist will sync his or her breathing with the clients to form a stronger bond of connection for the session focusing on the technique and energy. This massage is a form of full-body massage, but specifications can be made to fit your individual therapeutic needs and be catered to you.

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