Book a Rain Drop Massage Today with Healing Haven

Enjoy a relaxing session or give a loved one a special gift at Healing Haven with a most relaxing and fragrant massage-session customized to their liking.  We offer gift cards and outcalls, anything to make your customized session delightful.  Making use of all the healing effects of Essential Oils in our specialty Raindrop Massage (also known as Essential Oil Massage), this specialty massage will fill your senses and bring you into a new state of relaxation and peace. Essential Oils offer many benefits to overall health and mind with a well-known rejuvenation factor. Essential Oils are often used as a part of natural medicine and treatment. These wonderful therapeutic-grade Essential Oils found at Healing Haven along with an incredible massage using Raindrop Technique will give outstanding benefits, healing, and relieve tension from your entire body. We use only the highest grade Essential Oils mixed with the massage oils and massage them into the skin during penetrating deep into the pores.

The massage techniques used during a Raindrop range from light to medium pressure all the way up to deep tissue. Lisa Z will help you to relax as she works great-smelling Essential Oils into your skin and help to relieve the pain that is built up from all your hard work. There are many oils and combinations to make each session unique and special for an excellent gift. We also offer gift cards for this or any special occasion.

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