Fathers Day Sports Massage and More

Sports Massage and More!  Fathers Day is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate this special day! Help dad, grandpa, uncle, guardian, whoever is that special father-figure in your life reduce stress with an incredible relaxing session.  

Let your fellow enjoy a needed break and visit the healing hands of Lisa Z at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness. Here he can receive a variety of treatments including an incredible Sports Massage, a Couples Massage with his beloved, or even a fabulous 4-Hand Massage.

Sports Massage and similar sessions help to loosen muscles and work out those uncomfortable knots acquired through regular activities. It has been proven to help improve sports performance by loosening up the muscles helping increase range of motion and flexibility.  We have a variety of options to suit budget and needs, customizing the experience to dad’s liking.   We also offer customizable gift cards for customer convenience. 

Call and enjoy today. 832-577-3998.

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