Full Body Massage in the Woodlands, TX

Is your body aching from a long day of playing golf or did you hit the tennis courts to hard or are you just sore and tired from a stressful week of work? Come to healing Haven Massage in the Woodlands, TX area for a great Full Body Massage to help rid yourself of those aches and pains and pent up stress. At Healing Haven Massage we don’t believe in a cookie cutter massage like those big name brand places, Lisa Z will customize each massage to meet her client’s needs. Why settle for an everyday massage when you can experience the Bliss of a Full body massage as Lisa Z massages away your tension and stress from your head all the way down to your toes.

If you have never experienced this type of pampering before then you need to come see Lisa Z today at Healing Haven Massage in the Woodlands, TX area. Come enjoy our peaceful, private and cozy atmosphere while letting Lisa Z put her healing hands to work massaging your cares away.

Call Healing Haven Massage in Woodlands (832) 296-6513

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