Happy New Year…

It is good to embrace the New Year with a fresh start engaging all of your senses for success. Essential Oils are commonly used as a part of natural medicine and are known to have a variety of health benefits both topically and through the sense of smell. Using Essential Oils in Raindrop Technique Massage will completely fill your senses and bring you into a new state of relaxation and peace. You will experience rejuvenating scent from the oils, touch from the massage, sound from the relaxing spa music, and taste from an optional glass of wine. These wonderful therapeutic-grade Essential Oils found at Healing Haven coupled with an incredible massage using this technique will give you outstanding benefits, healing, and relieve tension from your entire body and mind.

We use only the highest grade Essential Oils mixed with natural massage oils and massage them into your skin during your session penetrating deep beneath your skin. The massage techniques used during a Raindrop session range from light to medium pressure all the way up to deep tissue depending on what you are looking for in your customized massage session. Lisa Z will help relax you as she works great-smelling Essential Oils into your skin and help to relieve pain that you may be having due to exercise, injury or other factor.

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