Lipo-Massage Therapy and Lymphatic-Massage sessions at Healing Haven

Experience the transformative effects of Lipo-Massage Therapy and Lymphatic-Massage sessions at Healing Haven, where our skilled licensed massage therapists utilize handcrafted techniques instead of machines. This personalized approach effectively relieves your body of impurities, addressing unwanted fat and blemishes. Our team employs the specialty Body Glory Sculpting Cream to eliminate toxins and unwanted fat storage, resulting in smoother, firmer, and more toned skin. Inquire about our additional offering, the Awaken Body Scrub.

At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness, our exclusive Body Glory Sculpting Cream, infused with natural and organic ingredients, imparts a tighter and smoother appearance to your skin, accompanied by a refreshing grapefruit scent. The combination of Lipo-Massage Therapy and our handcrafted Body Glory Sculpting Cream ensures maximum benefits for enhancing your body’s appearance, significantly reducing the visibility of scars. This unique treatment is exclusively available at Healing Haven, where we offer a diverse range of personalized treatments and massages tailored to individual needs.

Our product line, Revelations From Within, born out of a commitment to self-care, consists of 100% chemical-free and additive-free products, blessed upon completion. Each product carries a positive message inscribed on it. Lisa Z’s healing hands at Healing Haven can help sculpt your body without resorting to invasive surgeries, making Lipo-Massage a truly special option. For those who have undergone surgery, this treatment aids in healing and minimizing visible scars. Alternatively, you can purchase the Body Sculpting Cream to use on problematic areas independently. Discover a new level of well-being with Healing Haven.

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