Lymphatic Drainage Massage…

Healing Haven Massage and Wellness
<> offers
a healing *Lymphatic Drainage Massage* supporting a healthy Lymphatic
System. The *Lymphatic System’s* main duty is to rid your body of nasty
waste. Damage to the Lymphatic System can cause fluids to build up in your
Lymph-Nodes/Lymphatic-System. If you’ve ever had a surgery on or involving
your Lymph Nodes, a doctor may suggest Lymphatic Drainage Massage to aid in
your recovery. The goal of *Lymphatic Massage* is to open up the lymphatic
vessels to let excess fluid drain back up into the Lymph Nodes. Not only
will you feel relief, you will feel great after a soothing massage

Your *Lymphatic Massage* session uses light pressure starting at the
furthest point away from the injury or affected area with a skilled
therapist working downward to assist in the drainage. The gentle pressure
stretches the skin from the inside of your leg, for example, up and out,
toward your hip then down the leg until reaching the knee working out all
of the issues. Then the massage will continue and focus on proper
reabsorption techniques with gentle sweeping motions bringing relief to the
affected area. Healing Haven offers customization in every session to suit
your needs, bringing you speedy relief, and a speedy recovery from your

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