Medical Massage…

Nutritionists and health experts recognize the endless benefits of keeping active and eating healthy on a regular basis in regards to how it positively affects the overall health. Pushing yourself, although good in many ways, can take a toll on your body along with other factors not related to personal lifestyle. There are, however, ways to more speedily and efficiently recover your strength and overall well-being—recovery from a wide variety of ailments! Athletes, for example, who get regular massage therapy sessions are in general more flexible and use less energy. Massage helps to improve performance, reduce pain, prevent injury, recover from injury or ailment, encourage focus and shorten overall recovery times.

Medical Massage specifically focuses on treating pain as well as other physical or mental ailments. In addition, Medical Massage dilates blood vessels helping them to work more efficiently increasing circulation. Because of the relaxed state massage brings you in to, your heart rate also decreases. Here at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness we offer our special Medical/Recovery Massage tailored to an individual’s speicic needs and conditions. We care about your health and have a passion to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Consider Wellness Coaching in addition to your massage and workout routine to stay on track— for details about our program give us a call and we will be glad to help get you moving and healthy.

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