Mother-Daughter Massages

Beautiful Spring season is here, the flowers are blooming and Mother’s Day
is fast approaching. It’s the perfect time for a rejuvenating massage
at Healing
Haven <> for busy moms to make this day
extra special. We offer a wide variety of massages/options to soothe our
clients, as well as gift cards. Mothers and daughters can receive a massage
session together which will bind your relationship closer while letting
stresses slip away over the table enduring the healing hands of Lisa Z and
her team. It is a great gift to give or share with another during this
vibrant season.

Mother-Daughter Massage is a shared experience that encourages the two with
the opportunity to draw closer, increasing unity. It is excellent to
communicate on a deeper level and catch up or simply relax and enjoy an
experience with each other in an atmosphere of comfortable silence. It is
all up to you. We have seen this experience bring people closer during the
session and the effects continue long after.

It is the perfect gift for *Mother’s Day*! During this session, two people
receive massages at the same time, in the same room, by two different
massage therapists. The therapy provides many benefits like other types of
massages, but with some added bonuses tailored to you including Hot Stones,
Cold Stones, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, combinations and much more. Talk to
us and tell us what you are looking for. The benefits are endless and we
will be glad to talk to you and tell you more!

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