Myofascial Release Massage…

Myofascial Release Massage involves working with the connective tissue, the layer between the muscle and the skin. Myofascial Release Massage can relieve tightness and pain in the body and aid in releasing unwanted toxins/fat between the connective tissue and muscle which makes the skin appear firmer and smoother. This is a great massage for anyone who wants more mobility and to stimulate the stretch ability in muscles to relieve pain. This massage treatment can be done manually with hands or a tool to loosen the tight fascia.

Healing Haven Massage and Wellness in Houston, TX uses Body Glory Sculpting Cream from Revelations From Within to assist in the Myofascial Massage. This Body Glory Sculpting Cream works synergistically with the Myofascial Massage to release the tightness of the connective tissue giving a more supple, healthier muscle tone and definition. Here at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness Lisa Z and her team use the Myofascial Massage along with Lipo Massage for better results.

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