Organic Natural Products

It is important to take good care of your whole self as well as all of your senses.  Skin is your body’s most seen and largest living organ and needs special care. Using products that contain unnatural chemicals and toxins can have a suffocating effect on both your skin and your body as a whole. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers a range of organic products to keep you skin healthy and smooth for years to come through our Revelations From Within product-line.  We have fantastic soaps, facial and body creams, balms and oils, and much more— a large variety using only the best ingredients possible.  We now also offer specialty Aroma-Therapy candles to ensure all the senses are touched.

We hand-craft the finest specially blended Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs through our “Revelations From Within” product-line. Salt Scrubs offer therapeutic and mineralization benefits. For more sensitive skin Sugar Scrubs are gentler than Salt Scrubs and help increase smoothness of the skin but without some of the mineralizing benefits of the Salt Scrubs.

Our product line was born from a passion of self-care with only pure and natural ingredients. All of our products are free from chemicals and harsh additives — each one hand made to perfection for our customers and is blessed upon completion. Each product has a life changing message and effect that will benefit your whole being. Give it a try and enjoy!

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