Private Massage in Conroe, TX

Are you tired of the big chain massage parlors and are looking for a Massage Therapist in the Conroe, TX area that will really listen to you and pamper you the way you deserve, then look no further. Lisa Z of Healing Haven Massage and Wellness is a licensed Private Massage Therapist with a private home location in the Conroe, TX area. Why a Private therapist over a big box chain? A private therapist can tailor the massage to your special massage needs.

Lisa Z sees each client as an individual and not just another body that is rushed in and out. At Healing Haven we use the highest quality essential oils in our therapeutic massages which can last from an hour up to 5 hours in duration depending on your massage needs. Come enjoy our private, calm and cozy atmosphere or Lisa can come to you in the comfort of your own home. Come see us today and experience the difference of a Private massage Therapy session today.

Call Healing Haven in Houston/Galleria (832) 577-3998

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