Products of Wellness and New Technology!

At Healing Haven we offer only the best products and services.  We are always working on enhancing your already amazing journey of wellness.

Check out our amazing product lines and new technology:

To begin, we continue to offer our amazing “Revelations From Within” product line that includes all-natural Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, Miracle Mud!  We offer facial and body creams, balms and oils, and so much more— using only the best ingredients possible that can be coupled with our amazing services to keep your skin healthy and smooth for years to come and your body feeling beyond terrific!

A newly formed product line (Wells Teas Tinctures and Tonics) offers wellness teas, tinctures, and tonics to aid many needs.  We have launched our first batch of healthy loose-leaf teas using only the purest and finest organic ingredients and blends possible through much research and care.  For questions you can email us or join our Facebook page to learn more or send us a message.  More details will be available soon!  Ask us about our custom gift baskets and gift cards for all your needs.

Another amazing technology advancement at the Healing Haven is light therapy to leave your body feeling renewed and well.  To learn more about this amazing technology or any of the other incredible things we offer, give us a call 832-577-3998 or email us at   

Our product lines were born out of a passion of self-care with only pure and natural ingredients. All of our products are free from chemicals, pesticides, and harsh additives–- each one hand made to perfection for our customers and is blessed upon completion. Each product has a life changing message and effect that will benefit your whole being. Give it a try, and be well!

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