Reiki Technique and Reiki Massage

Reiki Technique and Reiki Massage are specialty healing sessions that are both mystical and ancient in its origins. Reiki sessions primarily focuses on a body’s energy. Our specialty Reiki Massage uses a variety of methods and techniques to achieve a more whole and complete form of healing for the entire being. This form of service is seen as a spiritual, deeper than physical, type of healing-therapy comparable to the “laying of hands.” The healing hands of Lisa Z are God-given, she is a conduit of healing and restoration.

This is a type of treatment known to release deep-bounded stress from the body and mind which brings physical, emotional and spiritual healing throughout — creating wholeness in a person’s outer and inner being. Our bodies are like machines that rely on energy to keep going; from time to time we just need a recharge. Let the energy from Lisa’s healing hands renew your tired body. Reiki Massage can include the use of natural oils and customizable-focus which allows the body’s natural healing abilities to balance the body as a whole.

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