Sports Massage…

Work-outs, daily activities and sports can leave you sore, tensed up, tired and stiff. If you are having these problems take a needed break and visit Lisa Z of Healing Haven Massage and Wellness. Here you can receive an excellent Sports Massage that utilizes stretching along with Deep Tissue Massage techniques to help loosen up your muscles and work out the knots. Sports Massage has been proven to help improve sports performance by loosening up the muscles helping increase range of motion and flexibility.

Sports Massage is shown to help decrease muscle soreness in athletes who receive massage before or after exercise. Healing Haven uses Sports Massage to assist in the treatment of injuries as well as preventative treatment dealing with the health of muscles and connective tissue, symmetry, tone quality of posture and range of movement. This specialty massage can help you get that spring back into your workout and step.

You don’t have to be an athlete or exercise a lot to benefit from Sports Massage either. Sports Massage is also good for people with restricted range of motion, injuries and chronic pain. Healing Haven will concentrate the Sports Massage on specific problem areas to help release toxins and alleviate pain caused by aching or cramped muscles. A key benefit of a Sports Massage is that a trained massage therapist can target muscle and tendon junctures helping to aid in pain-relief and increased flexibility. Come to Healing Haven Massage and Wellness to allow a professional to help you get back into the athletic condition that you are striving for.

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