Sugar And Salt Scrubs…

Salt and Sugar Scrubs are excellent for your skin and are especially beneficial after being exposed to the changing weather. Healing Haven has created unique formulated blends for each kind of scrub. Our Salt Scrubs contain a variety of special salts and essential oils such as salt straight from the Dead Sea known for its healing properties, and Pink Himalayan Mountain Salt which is loaded with over 80 minerals, most of these minerals not found in any other salts. Your skin will feel renewed, refreshed, and smoother, excellent after spending extended time outside through this warm season. Consider coupling Massage Therapy with one of our fantastic scrubs; there is a wide variety of options available. Healing Haven is more than a massage company, we offer an entire line of organic skin care products.

All of our products are free from chemicals and harsh additives which is something that sets us apart — each one hand-made to perfection for our customers and blessed during production and upon completion. The “Revelations From Within” product line was born from a passion of self-care with only pure and natural organic ingredients. Each product which is crafted by our team has a life changing effect and message that will benefit your whole being. Come and relax, get to know our wonderful staff at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness where we will meet all your healing needs.

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