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Organic Skin Care…

It is very important to take good care of your skin, your body’s most seen and largest living organ. Using products that contain unnatural chemicals and toxins can have a suffocating effect on both your skin and your body as a whole. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers a range of organic products to keep you skin healthy and smooth for years to come. We have facial and body creams, balms and oils, and much more— a large variety using only the best ingredients possible. We hand-craft the finest specially blended Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs from our “Revelations From
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Chocolate Massage…

Mothers Day is fast approaching; give mom a very special gift this year! Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers various massage-therapy specials for Mothers Day such as our exclusive Chocolate Massage using Divine Indulgence chocolate-themed products from our Revelations From Within product line. You can give this experience as a gift through our customized gift cards, or join mom in a fabulous Mother-Daughter Couples Massage. The time spent during a Couples Massage brings people closer together, and the effects continue long after. Couples Massage aren’t limited to just married couples, they are also the opportune time to bond and/or relax
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Miracle Mud…

Miracle Mud is a very special and unique product offered at Healing Haven through our: Revelations From Within product-line. It creates a soothing calm feel to the skin and aids in removing blemishes and draws out impurities from beneath the skin. The Miracle Mud is made from a green clay discovered in Montona; it is truly a gift from God. Our product line was born from a passion of self care with only pure and natural ingredients. All of our products are free from chemicals and harsh additives — each one hand made to perfection for our customers and is
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