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Sports Massage…

Work-outs, daily activities and sports can leave you sore, tensed up, tired and stiff. If you are having these problems take a needed break and visit Lisa Z of Healing Haven Massage and Wellness. Here you can receive an excellent Sports Massage that utilizes stretching along with Deep Tissue Massage techniques to help loosen up your muscles and work out the knots. Sports Massage has been proven to help improve sports performance by loosening up the muscles helping increase range of motion and flexibility. Sports Massage is shown to help decrease muscle soreness in athletes who receive massage before or
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Skin Health…

Looking after the body’s largest living organ, the skin, is essential to a happy healthy life. When using skin-care products that contain toxins and unnatural chemicals, they have a suffocating effect on your skin. Thankfully, there is a range of organic products that keep your skin naturally healthy and smooth for years to come. The Revelations From Within product line at Healing Haven offers many organic skin care solutions for all your needs. Sugar Scrubs, for example, exfoliate the outer layer of skin removing old dead skin cells. This happens through cell-turnover and helps to regenerate skin which in turn
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Wellness Coaching…

Healing Haven does even more than provide massage therapy and fantastic organic products. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness now offers life-changing Wellness Coaching! Wellness Coaching is a form of coaching that provides the guidance and motivation needed to reach desired goals for the mind, the body and spirit in different areas of life as needed for each individual. Wellness Coaching is a service that leads our clients towards pressing through challenges in his or her life— meeting goals such as improving self-image, career guidance, reduction of stress, weight loss, removal of obstacles, overcoming addictions and much more. Wellness Coaching provides
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