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Lipo Massage By Hand…

A vitalizing Lipo-Massage combined with our unique hand-crafted Body Glory Sculpting Cream gives you maximum benefit towards your well-being. This special combination treatment is available specifically at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness. What makes our Lipo-Massage extra special is that it is performed directly by hand, the healing hands of Lisa Z, rather than some machine. This Lipo-Massage therapy is performed by trained licensed massage therapists. Another quality that is special about this massage is that it relieves/drains your body of impurities causing unwanted fat and blemishes. The Body Glory Sculpting Cream will help to rid your body of toxins
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Wellness Coaching…

Healing Haven Massage and Wellness does more than provide incredible massages and fantastic organic products. Healing Haven also offers life-changing Wellness Coaching! Wellness Coaching is a form of coaching that provides the guidance and motivation needed to reach desired goals for the mind, the body and spirit in different areas of life as needed for each individual. The New Year is a good time to focus on rejuvenating your whole being and setting short and long-term goals throughout the year. Wellness Coaching is a service that leads clients towards pressing through challenges in life— meeting goals such as improving self-image,
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