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Easter Gift Baskets…

Embrace the glow of the beautiful Spring-time weather; Easter is fast approaching! Are you looking for a great gift to share with someone special? We’ve got you covered. Healing Haven offers customized massage and spa gift baskets for every holiday which includes fine candies from Godiva for this special Easter. We also offer customized Passover-themed gift baskets. Treat yourself and your loved ones to luxurious gift baskets containing products from our “Revelations From Within” product line with custom-painted wine glasses, candies, lotions, creams, therapeutic-grade essential oils and much more. In our baskets we also include a coffee scrub made with
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Reiki Massage…

Reiki Massage is a method of healing with ancient origins focusing primarily on a body’s energy. There are a variety of techniques and methods in how this massage is conducted. This massage type is seen as a spiritual, deeper than physcial, form of healing therapy relatable to the “laying of hands.” It is a type of massage known to release deep-bounded stress from the body and mind bringing physical, emotional and spiritual healing throughout— creating wholeness in a person’s outer and inner being. Our bodies are like machines that rely on energy; from time to time we just need a
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4 Hand Massage…

Four Hand Massage is a form of massage therapy that uses two massage therapists simultaneously working to create a choreographed massage atmosphere. With this massage there are a variety of styles and options to choose from; talk to your massage therapist about mixing a variety of techniques for a custom massage experience. Many spas lack this service, but Healing Haven Massage and Wellness has mastered their Four Hand Massage to perfection using trained licensed massage therapists. In this massage our therapists will mirror each other, with one taking lead while the other follows. The massage therapists usually use Swedish massage
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