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Harvest Pumpkin Masque…

The fall harvest time is here and the weather is nice outside. A good addition for relaxing in this cool season is the Harvest Pumpkin Masque from Healing Haven’s Revelations From Within product line. The orange color from the pumpkin is the vitamin A which helps increase the deposition of collegen and elastin giving the skin a supple youthful look– – decreasing wrinkles and fine lines. This wonderful masque contains a generous amount of alpha-dydroxyl acid which has been shown to promote smoother, younger skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants and enzymes that
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Salt and Sugar Scrubs…

Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs are perfect for your skin especially beneficial after being exposed to the weather. Healing Haven has created a unique formulated blend for each scrub. Our Salt Scrubs contain a variety of special salts and essential oils such as salt straight from the Dead Sea known for its healing properties, and Pink Himalayan Mountain Salt which is loaded with over 80 minerals, many of these minerals not found in any other salt. Your skin will feel renewed, refreshed, and smoother, excellent after spending extended time outside through this warm season. Consider coupling Massage Therapy with one
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Skin Health…

Looking after the body’s largest living organ, the skin, is essential to a happy healthy life. When using skin-care products that contain toxins and unnatural chemicals, they have a suffocating effect on your skin. Thankfully, there is a range of organic products that keep your skin naturally healthy and smooth for years to come. The Revelations From Within product line at Healing Haven offers many organic skin care solutions for all your needs. Sugar Scrubs, for example, exfoliate the outer layer of skin removing old dead skin cells. This happens through cell-turnover and helps to regenerate skin which in turn
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