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Lomi Lomi Massage…

Seeking a custom Lomi-Lomi Massage experience with extensive care and detail? At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness our team is excited to offer you just that and more. Lomi-Lomi is a Hawaiian technique of massage therapy using the forearms in a unique style comparable to dance. Historically this massage came from Polynesian settlers; it is an indigenous practice often seen as being sacred which has evolved over hundreds of years. At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness a special Coconut-Lime Oil is used during this massage experience to give a tropical feeling, benefiting all the senses. This specialty massage is considered
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Vibrational Sound Massage…

It has been long documented throughout the ages that music has the ability to affect emotion. Calming music generally helps to improve mood while reducing stress and anxiety in everyday life. Some types of music have also shown to increase concentration and focus. Vibrational Sound Massage is a form of massage therapy that uses frequencies from sounds and special music to aid in the body’s healing process bringing the client into a deeper state of serenity. Cells have patterns in which they naturally vibrate. Vibrational Sound Massage brings cells into their ultimate functioning rhythm to overall aid in their function.
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Lymphatic Drainage Massage…

The primary purpose of the Lymphatic System is to rid your body of unneeded waste. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers a revitalizing Lymphatic Drainage Massage that supports a healthy Lymphatic System. Damage to the Lymphatic System can cause fluids to build up in your Lymph-Nodes and Lymphatic-System. If you have ever had a surgery on or involving your Lymph Nodes, a doctor may suggest Lymphatic Drainage Massage to aid in your recovery. The goal of Lymphatic Massage is to open up the lymphatic vessels to let excess fluid drain back up into the Lymph Nodes. Not only will you
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