Vibrational Sound Massage…

It has been long documented throughout the ages that music has the ability to affect emotion. Calming music generally helps to improve mood while reducing stress and anxiety in everyday life. Some types of music have also shown to increase concentration and focus.

Vibrational Sound Massage is a form of massage therapy that uses frequencies from sounds and special music to aid in the body’s healing process bringing the client into a deeper state of serenity. Cells have patterns in which they naturally vibrate. Vibrational Sound Massage brings cells into their ultimate functioning rhythm to overall aid in their function. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers this specialty massage to help get your whole body back in tune and restore you to feeling great. This session is a healing combination of sound, smell and touch all entwined for your benefit. Try it for yourself to receive the numerous benefits and get back your step and rhythm. Enjoy the soothing sounds as your body is repaired.

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