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Skin Health…

Looking after the body’s largest living organ, the skin, is essential to a happy healthy life. When using skin-care products that contain toxins and unnatural chemicals, they have a suffocating effect on your skin. Thankfully, there is a range of organic products that keep your skin naturally healthy and smooth for years to come. The Revelations From Within product line at Healing Haven offers many organic skin care solutions for all your needs. Sugar Scrubs, for example, exfoliate the outer layer of skin removing old dead skin cells. This happens through cell-turnover and helps to regenerate skin which in turn
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Raindrop Massage…

Using Essential Oils through through Raindrop Massage at Healing Haven will completely fill your senses and bring you into a new state of relaxation and peace. Essential Oils offer many health benefits and have a known healing factor. Essential Oils are often used as a part of natural medicine. These wonderful therapeutic-grade Essential Oils found at Healing Haven along with an incredible massage using Raindrop Technique will give you outstanding benefits, healing, and relieve tension from your entire body. We use only the highest grade Essential Oils mixed with the massage oils and massage them into your skin during your
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Sports Massage…

Sports Massage in Houston, TX You don’t have to be an athlete or exercise a lot to benefit from a Sports Massage at Healing Haven in Houston, TX. Sports Massage is also good for people with restricted range of motion, injuries and chronic pain. Lisa Z will concentrate the Sports Massage on specific problem areas to help release toxins and alleviate pain caused by aching or cramped muscles. A key benefit of a Sports Massage at Healing Haven Massage is that Lisa Z can target muscle and tendon junctures helping to aid in pain relief and increased flexibility. Sports Massage
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