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Couples Massage…

Treat your special someone to an unexpected treat, the experience of a wonderful Couples Massage at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness. This powerful massage has shown itself to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A Couples Massage takes two people and places them in a peaceful healing environment to enjoy a pampering/renewing experience together by the healing hands of Lisa Z and her crew. What a great way to bond with your sister, mother, daughter, husband or wife with this relaxing Couples Massage. Enjoy the comfort of our private cozy massage rooms as Lisa Z and her crew help release
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More Than Massages…

We are more than a massage company, we also offer Wellness Coaching and a line of amazing wellness products. Give us a call and also check out our Etsy for more details on the products we offer. In our Wellness Coaching sessions we at Healing Haven help clients find the motivation and tools to achieve emotional, physical, career and other types of desired goals to better one’s overall life. Wellness Coaching is an amazing service that leads to pressing through challenges in your life- meeting goals such as improving self-image, career guidance, reduction of stress, weight loss, removal of obstacles,
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Lipo Massage…

Lipo Massage with Body Glory Sculpting Cream Here at “Healing Haven Massage and Wellness” not only do we offer a greatly satisfying Lipo Massage but we combine it with our specially formulated Body Glory Sculpting Cream to give you maximum benefits. A good Lipo massage combined with the Body Glory Sculpting Cream will help rid your body of toxins and unwanted fat storage giving you a smoother, firmer, more toned look to your skin. At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness we can help you sculpt your body without having to go through with invasive surgeries. Lipo Massage has also been
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