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Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and love is in the air! Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers customized Massage and Spa Gift Baskets for every occasion you can think of or request including specialty Valentine’s Day gift baskets. Alternatively, we have many soothing services such as massage therapy, foot bath and much more. Treat yourself or a loved one to our luxurious baskets containing products from our “Revelations From Within” product-line with additional treats and goodies packed right in. Set to your own budget for each basket to get exactly what you want. We offer custom-painted wine glasses, Valentines candies,
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Body Glory Sculpting Cream…

At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness our one of a kind Body Glory Sculpting Cream is infused with natural and organic ingredients to give your skin a tighter and smoother look as well as a clean and light, grapefruit scent. Lipo-Massage Therapy combined with the hand-crafted Body Glory Sculpting Cream (Lipo Cream) gives maximum benefit towards your body’s appearance, significantly reducing the appearance of scarring. This special unique cream and combination treatment is available only at Healing Haven. We offer a wide variety of treatments, massages, and options to set up a new experience customized around each individual’s needs. The
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Wellness Coaching…

At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness we offer even more than fabulous massages and organic skin care products! We also offer life-changing Wellness Coaching sessions customized to you to benefit your body, your mind and your soul! Even the most accomplished athletes have coaches to assist in giving guidance to reach greatness and soar to into new heights. The way you care for yourself on a daily basis is an essential factor towards the condition you will arrive at. Wellness Coaching is a type of coaching that provides the motivation needed to reach these desired goals for your mind, body
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