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Why SELF CARE is so important

Self care and relaxation is a part of wellness that leads to a long andhealthy life.  Healing services such as massage therapy are more than justphysical relaxation, massage therapy provides total mind, body andspiritual healing — encompassing the whole self. The body gets worn downthrough daily physical tasks, the mind gets stressed from life’schallenges, and spiritually we can just become exhausted at times. Regularmassage therapy can help you to realign and refocus and get back to what isimportant. Heal faster and reap the benefits of getting regular massagetherapy sessions. Massage therapy helps to improve performance, reducepain, prevent injury, encourage focus
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Raindrop Massages Now Available!

Enjoy a special session at Healing Haven with a most relaxing and fragrantmassage customized to your liking.  We offer gift cards and outcalls,anything to make your customized session delightful.  Making use of all thehealing effects of Essential Oils in our specialty Raindrop Massage (alsoknown as Essential Oil Massage), this specialty massage will fill yoursenses and bring you into a new state of relaxation and peace. EssentialOils offer many benefits to overall health and mind with a well-knownrejuvenation factor. Essential Oils are often used as a part of naturalmedicine and treatment. These wonderful therapeutic-grade Essential Oilsfound at Healing Haven along
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Why to choose a Deep Tissue Massage

At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness we offer a variety of deep tissuemassage techniques including Acupressure Massage, Trigger-Point Massage,Deep Tissue Massage, and a variety of options to go along with them.Experience the healing hands of Lisa Z who has over 6 years of experiencegiving Deep Tissue Massage to help loosen up muscles and alleviate pain.You will feel rejuvenated and renewed.  Deep Tissue Massage uses strokeswith deeper force to target the deeper layers of muscle and connectivetissue, especially effective to help with muscle damage from an injury. Letus know your specific needs, and we will share with you a solution to
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