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What is Reiki and the benefits?

Reiki Technique and Reiki Massage are specialty healing sessions that areboth mystical and ancient in their origins. Reiki sessions primarilyfocuses on a body’s energy. Our specialty Reiki Massage uses a variety ofmethods and techniques to achieve a more whole and complete form of healingfor the entire being. This form of service is seen as a spiritual, deeperthan physical, type of healing-therapy comparable to the “laying of hands.”The healing hands of Lisa Z are God-given, she is a conduit of healing andrestoration. This is a type of treatment known to release deep-bounded stress from thebody and mind which brings physical, emotional
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Spa Parties!!! Everyone is invited

Spa Parties are ideal for any special occasion, both corporate and personal. These extravagant events are all about bonding and sharing an experience together. Lisa Z and her experienced team of licensed massage therapists will help you throw the right Massage Spa Party for your friends and family, or a fantastic corporate group massage. There is nothing better than a relaxing massage than perhaps sharing it with those who are special in your life. When you schedule a luxurious Spa Party of 2 or more expect to experience great results and even the healing benefits of *massage therapy*. A great
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Book a Couples Massage Today

Rekindle love and unity between couples, friends and family. For something extra special this year, how about the gift of relaxation and wellness Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers aunifying Couples Massage with an assortment of additional items and add-ons. It is experience that urges two individuals to drift closer together. Couples and companions utilize this massage session to convey feelings and get rejuvenated, or just relax and appreciate an environment with one another in agreeable quiet. The time spent amid this session unites individuals and the benefits proceed long after the massage treatment. During the session two individuals
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