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Lipo-Massage Therapy sessions at Healing Haven

Lipo-Massage Therapy sessions at Healing Haven<> are done by hand by trainedlicensed massage therapists using various specialty techniques rather thana machine. This massage treatment relieves and drains your body ofimpurities that cause unwanted fat and blemishes. The specialty Body GlorySculpting Cream that is used by our team will help to rid your body oftoxins and unwanted fat-storage giving you a smoother, firmer, andmore-toned look to your skin.  Also ask about our Awaken Body Scrub. At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness our one of a kind Body GlorySculpting Cream is infused with natural and organic ingredients to giveyour skin a tighter
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Couples Massage – Book Lisa Today

Rekindle love and unity between couples, friends, and family! For somethingextra special this year, how about the gift of relaxation and wellnessHealing Haven Massage and Wellness offersaunifying Couples Massage with an assortment of additional items andadd-ons. It is experience that urges two individuals to drift closertogether. Couples and companions utilize this massage session to convey feelings andget rejuvenated, or just relax and appreciate an environment with oneanother in agreeable quiet. The time spent amid this session unitesindividuals and the benefits proceed long after the massage treatment. During the session two individuals get massages in the same room, at thesame time by
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