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Heart Healthy Massage…

As the human body ages we tend to run into obstacles along the way. Heart-related problems have been on the rise like never before in history. Decades of research suggest that a simple change, by adding regular massage therapy to your weekly routine, can significantly decrease chances of heart disease and even heart attacks. The science behind it is simple, stress and high blood pressure are two of the most dangerous culprits to heart-related issues. Regular massage therapy drastically reduces blood pressure, anxiety and stress. Heal faster and reap the benefits of booking regular massage therapy sessions. Massage therapy comes
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Healing Intuitive Touch Massage…

Receiving this special massage therapy treatment that we call: Healing Intuitive Touch Massage, we perform a session that not only soothes the body, but touches the soul as well. Lisa Z uses her God-given intuition to customize this spiritual work to each individual as their body needs. These sessions often range from 90 minutes to 2 hour long sessions based on what your own specifications. Healing Intuitive Massage sessions as especially important and beneficial through transformations and changes in your life, bringing both physical and spiritual healing. Overcome challenges as you receive clarity through your experience and see the results
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