Deep Tissue Massages…

Deep Tissue Massage in Houston, TX

Is a Swedish Massage just not getting those knots out of your muscles then you need to get a more detailed Deep Tissue Massage from Lisa Z at Healing Haven Massage in Houston, TX. Lisa Z has over 5 years of experience with Deep Tissue Massage and can help loosen up those tight muscles that are causing you pain. Deep Tissue Massage uses more forceful stroked to target the deeper layers of muscle to help relieve muscle tension and chronic knots. Here at Healing Haven Massage you will experience a breaking up and release of built up toxins through our Deep Tissue Massage.

Come see Lisa Z in Houston, TX for that great Deep Tissue massage where she will use her healing hands, fingers and elbows and forearms to get deep into your muscles to give you that Deep Tissue Massage that you are needing. Don’t live with the pain another day book your appointment at Healing Haven Massage and get the pain relief you are longing for.

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