Foot Spa Detox…

With the busy lifestyle of modern society we are constantly moving around, standing on our feet, and completing tasks back and forth causing our feet excess tension and stress, more so than we realize. This is the primary reason why relaxing our feet can help to also relax the entire body bringing wholeness and balance to your entire self. A standard foot soak in hot water with Epsom Salts is relaxing, but here at Healing Haven Massage and Wellness we go even farther beyond.

We use our own special blend of salts, clays and oils to not only relax you but detox your entire body through our incredible Foot Spa Detox. We place you in a relaxing environment and bring the healing to you through our incredible service provided by Lisa Z. You will feel renewed, relaxed, refreshed, healed and detoxed through this customized experience provided for you and whoever you bring along. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today. It is time to get more than a detox, it is time to get an experience you will remember through the doors of Healing Haven.

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