Lipo Massage…

A wonderful-feeling Lipo Massage at Healing Haven is combined with our hand-crafted Body Glory Sculpting Cream giving you maximum benefit towards your experience and overall well-being. Our Lipo-Massage is done by hand by trained licensed massage therapists. The thing special about this massage is that it relieves/drains your body of impurities causing unwanted fat and blemishes. The Body Glory Sculpting Cream will help to rid your body of toxins and unwanted fat-storage giving you a smoother, firmer, more toned look to your skin. Look and feel your best this Summer with those you love! We offer a wide variety of massages and options to set up an experience designed around your needs.

Body Glory Sculpting Cream is infused with natural and organic ingredients that will give your skin a tighter and smoother look and it has a clean light uplifting grapefruit scent to add even more joy to your overall experience. Our product-line was born from a passion of self-care with only pure and natural ingredients. All of our products are free from chemicals and harsh additives — each one hand made to perfection for our customers and are blessed upon completion. Each product has a life changing message and effect that will benefit your whole being. Give it a try and enjoy! You will look and feel better once done with your series of sessions. We can help you sculpt your body without having to go through invasive surgeries; that is the special thing about Lipo-Massage. Let us help you relax in the comfort of our calm cozy rooms and have a full all-around experience during this season of warmth and fun.

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