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Body Glory Sculpting Cream…

At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness try our Body Glory Sculpting Cream. It is infused with natural and organic ingredients to give your skin a tighter and smoother look and has a clean light grapefruit scent. Lipo-Massage Therapy combined with the hand-crafted Body Glory Sculpting Cream (Lipo Cream) gives maximum benefit towards your body’s appearance, to significantly reduce scarring. This unique cream and combination treatment is available ONLY at Healing Haven. The Lipo-Massage Therapy sessions at Healing Haven are done by hand by trained licensed massage therapists using various specialty techniques rather than a machine. This massage treatment relieves and
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Body Sculpting Body Wrap…

See results quickly with Healing Haven’s fabulous Body-Sculpting Body Wrap sessions. We offer packages for 6 or 12 sessions, or individual appointments. We perform and provide the body wraps for your session also using our cellulite Body Glory Sculpting Cream, then follow up by massaging the cream onto your body for maximum absorption and benefit. You can also schedule a body wrap on its own or customize your session to your liking. Our product-line, Revelations From Within, offers a hand-crafted Body Glory Sculpting Cream, a specialty form of Lipo Cream that you can buy individually as well. The Body Glory
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Lipo Massage…

A wonderful-feeling Lipo Massage at Healing Haven is combined with our hand-crafted Body Glory Sculpting Cream giving you maximum benefit towards your experience and overall well-being. Our Lipo-Massage is done by hand by trained licensed massage therapists. The thing special about this massage is that it relieves/drains your body of impurities causing unwanted fat and blemishes. The Body Glory Sculpting Cream will help to rid your body of toxins and unwanted fat-storage giving you a smoother, firmer, more toned look to your skin. Look and feel your best this Summer with those you love! We offer a wide variety of
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