Lomi-Lomi Massage…

Lomi-Lomi is a Hawaiian-style massage using forearms almost in a style of dance. Historically it comes from the Polynesian settlers; it is an indigenous practice often seen as sacred that has evolved over hundreds of years. We at Healing Haven use a special coconut lime oil during this massage to give a tropical feeling, benefiting all the senses.

This special massage is also considered a part of traditional Hawaiian medicine and was passed down for generations until the early 70’s, when Hawaiian teachers began to share this technique to others. The popularity of this technique spread fast gaining popularity in a variety of regions around the world. Lomi-Lomi comes in a variety of styles and techniques, but all methods contain a traditional Hawaiian theme and feel, bringing a piece of paradise to the person receiving the session.

Through ancient tradition, Lomi-Lomi has long kept a spiritual application within the Massage treatment believed to farther bring healing beyond just physical healing. Those giving the massage would traditionally begin by saying a deep prayer. This massage brings about the concept of “aloha!” which means love, unification and breath that promotes harmony and peace. Lomi-Lomi therapists are taught to practice Lomi-Lomi with love as the intention and focus to bring about pure healing in a tropical setting.

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