Massage Therapy Benefits

Self care and relaxation is a part of wellness that leads to a long and healthy life.  Healing services such as massage therapy are more than just physical relaxation, massage therapy provides total mind, body and spiritual healing — encompassing the whole self. The body gets worn down through daily physical tasks, the mind gets stressed from life’s challenges, and spiritually we can just become exhausted at times. Regular massage therapy can help you to realign and refocus and get back to what is important.

Heal faster and reap the benefits of getting regular massage therapy sessions. Massage therapy helps to improve performance, reduce pain, prevent injury, encourage focus and shorten recovery time for all kinds of everyday tasks and challenges. In addition it dilates blood vessels helping them to work more efficiently increasing circulation. An additional benefit is massage therapy is good for mental health, freeing your mind from the regular routine of daily life and often ridding self of headaches or migraines. A reduction of stress can also help lead to spiritual clarity as well as cognitive focus.

Because of the relaxed state that massage therapy brings you into, your heart rate decreases which is good against high blood-pressure. Those who have regular massage sessions have a reduced risk of heart-related troubles and much less skeletal problems or muscle pain. At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness our trained licensed massage therapists care about your health and overall well-being. Give yourself the gift of wellness and contact Lisa Z and her experienced team.

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