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Give Dad the Joys of a Sports Massage this Father’s Day

Prepare for Fathers Day; it’s just a month away! Help dad reduce his stress after a long day. Work-outs, Sports, business, and even daily activities can leave his body sore, tensed up, tired and stiff. Let dad enjoy a needed break and visit Lisa Z of Healing Haven Massage and Wellness. Here he can receive an excellent Sports Massage that utilizes stretching along with Deep Tissue Massage techniques to help loosen muscles and work out those uncomfortable knots. Sports Massage has been proven to help improve sports performance by loosening up the muscles helping increase range of motion and flexibility. Sports Massage is
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Couples Massage – Book Yours Today

It’s a season of warmth and sharing a most special experience with someone you love.  Let us prepare for you a fabulous and thoughtful gift.  Rekindle love and unity among couples, friends and family. For something extra special this year, how about the gift of relaxation and wellness  Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers a unifying Couples Massage with an assortment of additional items and add-ons. It is experience that urges two individuals to drift closer together. Couples and companions utilize this massage session to convey feelings and get rejuvenated, or just relax and appreciate an environment with one another
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Massage Therapy Benefits

Self care and relaxation is a part of wellness that leads to a long and healthy life.  Healing services such as massage therapy are more than just physical relaxation, massage therapy provides total mind, body and spiritual healing — encompassing the whole self. The body gets worn down through daily physical tasks, the mind gets stressed from life’s challenges, and spiritually we can just become exhausted at times. Regular massage therapy can help you to realign and refocus and get back to what is important. Heal faster and reap the benefits of getting regular massage therapy sessions. Massage therapy helps to improve performance, reduce
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