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Benefits Of Massage Therapy…

Our bodies continuously age and new problems are prone to develope as we go along, especially heart-related problems that have been on the rise. Decades of research, however, suggests that a simple change of adding regular massage therapy to your weekly routine can significantly decrease chances of heart disease and even heart attacks. The science behind it is simple, stress and high blood pressure are two of the most dangerous culprits to heart-related issues. Regular massage therapy drastically reduces blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels. We know the endless benefits of eating healthy and exercising, but there is even more
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Massage Therapy Benefits…

Massage Therapy for the holidays is a great treat or gift! Get in season with an experience that will bring about healing and rejuvenation to tired stressed-out bodies. A great massage therapy session will have you feeling like you just experienced a little Winter-time magic. Our bodies continuously age and we sometimes overwork them to not only cause damage to our muscles but also weaken our immune systems through stress. Heal faster and reap the benefits of getting regular massage therapy sessions. Massage therapy helps to improve performance, reduce pain, prevent injury, encourage focus and shorten recovery time for all
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The Holidays Are Here…

The holidays are with us at last: Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, Kwanza– – plenty of fabulous Winter Festivals to celebrate and show love to others! Spend time with friends and family, share gifts and stories. At Healing Haven we love the holidays and do not exclude anyone with our gift options and specials. If you are on the look for thoughtful gifts we can help you and make this task a little easier. We offer both gift cards and gift baskets each themed for your holiday enjoyment. Give a call and ask about our specials for the Holidays; it is
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