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Lomi-Lomi Massage…

Spring-time is coming, embrace the warmth of the coming season with something festive. Lomi-Lomi is a Hawaiian technique of massage using the forearms in a unique style that is similar to dance. Historically this massage came from the Polynesian settlers; it is an indigenous practice often seen as being sacred which has evolved over hundreds of years. At Healing Haven Massage and Wellness we use a special Coconut-Lime Oil during this massage to give a tropical feeling, benefiting all the senses. This special massage is considered a part of traditional Hawaiian medicine and was passed down for generations until the
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Hot and Cold Stone Massage…

Our bodies endure a lot of pressure throughout the course of a day and needs an opportunity to rejuvenate and relieve the tension that is knotted up deep inside our bodies. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers a special treatment that is great for all that tension in the changing seasons. We provide both Hot and Cold Stone massage therapy depending on your needs. This therapeutic session is great in a Couples Massage session, especially for Valentines Day. Couples Massage is a beautiful and romantic gift for a loved one, or even a friend you want to bond with. Cold
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Happy Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a beautiful time to celebrate loved ones coming together as one. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers various massage therapy options to share with your beloved, or friends, including a variety of add-ons and options available— a shared experience that encourages two people to draw closer together in unification. Couples, friends, and companions use this massage session to communicate and catch up, or simply relax and enjoy an experience with each other in comfortable silence. The time spent during this session brings people together and the effects continue long after the massage. During the session
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