Hot and Cold Stone Massage…

Our bodies endure a lot of pressure throughout the course of a day and needs an opportunity to rejuvenate and relieve the tension that is knotted up deep inside our bodies. Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers a special treatment that is great for all that tension in the changing seasons. We provide both Hot and Cold Stone massage therapy depending on your needs. This therapeutic session is great in a Couples Massage session, especially for Valentines Day. Couples Massage is a beautiful and romantic gift for a loved one, or even a friend you want to bond with.

Cold Stone Massage is performed using smooth marble stones that are kept cold and chilled on ice that are primarily applied to the head. The cool temperature offers an instant reaction to the body and the pain relief benefits associated with Cold Stone Massage are abundant. Cold Stone Massage helps with sinus-tension relief, headaches, tired eyes, stress, fatigue, skin irritation and much more. Any pressure you’ve dealt with will quickly be dismissed from your head leaving you feeling great. Hot Stones ease away pain and bring warmth deep into your body. Experience the warmth and coolness of the changing seasons with these fabulous massages.

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