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Benefits of Salt and Sugar Scrubs

Salt and Sugar Scrubs are excellent for your skin and are especially beneficial after being exposed to the changing weather. They also make beautiful gifts. Healing Haven has created unique formulated blends for each kind of scrub. Our Salt Scrubs contain a variety of special salts and essential oils such as salt straight from the Dead Sea known for its healing properties, and Pink Himalayan Mountain Salt which is loaded with over 80 minerals, most of these minerals not found in any other salts. Your skin will feel renewed, refreshed, and smoother, excellent after spending extended time outside through this festive season; ask about our
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Boom a Rain Drop Massage Today!!!

Benefit from a relaxing session or give a loved one an extra special gift at Healing Haven with a relaxing and fragrant massage-session customized to their liking.  We offer gift cards and outcalls, anything to make your customized session delightful.  Making use of all the healing effects of Essential Oils in our specialty Raindrop Massage (also known as Essential Oil Massage), this specialty massage will fill your senses and bring you into a new state of relaxation and peace. Essential Oils offer many benefits to overall health and mind with a well-known rejuvenation factor. Essential Oils are often used as
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Couples Massage

It’s a season of sharing incredible experience with someone you love.  Let us prepare for you a fabulous and thoughtful gift.  Rekindle love and unity among couples, friends and family. For something extra special this year, how about the gift of relaxation and wellness Healing Haven Massage and Wellness offers a unifying Couples Massage with an assortment of additional items and add-ons. It is experience that urges two individuals to drift closer together. Couples and companions utilize this massage session to convey feelings and get rejuvenated, or just relax and appreciate an environment with one another in agreeable quiet. The
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