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Purchase a Gift Card Today – Give the gift of a massage

Share the gift of wellness this holiday season! We offer our very own giftcards as well as fabulous gift baskets containing our Revelations FromWithin products for any holiday or occasion. With the gift card you cancompletely customize it to your liking. Just give us a call and we will beglad to help you get started and design your very own gift card or basketfor whomever you would like to treat, 832-577- 3998. You can set the giftcard amount, or make it specific to a type of massage or session, givingthem a special gift for this special season ahead of us.
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Harvest Pumpkin Masque

Remember to give thanks for the richness and blessings of everyday moments,no matter how big or small. Life is a gift and an adventure with those youshare it with.  Give yourself a moment to relax. A good addition to this cool Fall season is our Harvest Pumpkin Masquefrom HealingHaven’s Revelations From Within<> fabulousproduct line. As you are soothed in a relaxing state you will think of theholidays and fresh pumpkin pie. The orange color from the pumpkin isthe vitamin A which helps increase the deposition of collagen and elastingiving the skin a supple youthful look– – decreasing wrinkles and finelines.
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